When looking for new colors to buy of dip powder, it was very hard for me to find real pictures and reviews of people using the powder colors I was considering. So I created my own! Here is a rolling list of all the powders I have tried so far, and that will be updated regularly to hopefully help you find the perfect nail color!C



Ginger (D23) is the perfect burgundy for those fall and winter months! Ginger was the first dip powder I used, and I must say she did not disappoint. This color was the start of my addiction to dip powder and creating the perfect manicure all on my own. When looking at the jar it looks as though it is a light purple color, so this burgundy is definitely more on the purple side of the burgundy spectrum more so than red. But once you pile on the layers you get this beautiful dark ox-blood color. Now, if you want the color to be a lighter burgundy with a hint of purple, I recommend 2 layers of colored powder. But if you want a dark ox-blood color like I have shown above, then I recommend 3 layers of colored powder. I highly suggest using a clear dip powder for your first layer that covers 3/4 of the nail to keep the color consistent (if you don’t, when you file around your cuticles to get the natural nail shape, it will make the color lighter in those areas).


Obsess (DP256) is a true navy and definitely one of my favorite colors from Revel. This powder covers very evenly and easily. Obsess is that perfect color when you want a dark nail that isn’t black. The powder in the jar looks almost light blue, but as soon as you add activator it turns to that true navy color. I suggest using only 2 coats of Obsess over a 3/4 layer of clear dip powder to get a very deep navy!


I am always looking for the perfect light pink/ nude neutral nail color that goes with everything, and Runway (D233) is that color. While wearing this color I received so many compliments! Runway has a slight gray tint that is better described as a dusty ballet pink. It is very opaque and I only needed 2 layers to get this solid color. 10/10 recommend!!!!


Galaxy (DP213) is my first “mood changing” dip powder I have tried. When your nails are warm they are this bright silver color that can be seen near my cuticles above, but when your nails are cold it turns into this dark gray/blue that is really pretty , seen near the tips of my nails. It’s the middle of winter in Illinois right now, so I loved how when I went outside the tips would turn dark and create this ombre effect! But 99% of the time, your nails will be silver, so keep that in mind. I personally preferred the color it changed into when cold, but I loved the glitter! I suggest 2 layers of Galaxy followed by a layer of clear to protect the glitter when filing.

**check out my Instagram highlights for a video showing the color change!


Just like how I am always looking for the perfect neutral nail, I am always looking for the perfect red nail! A lot of reds are either too orange or too dark, but Desire (D241) is that perfect bright candy apple red. It’s my go to when I have a big presentation at work or just want to feel good about myself because it makes me feel a little more put together. It’s girly and sophisticated! I suggest using 2 coats of Desire over a 3/4 layer of clear dip powder, and that you add this color to your nail collection ASAP!


Scarlet (D71) is the french manicure pink that will go perfectly with a white tip dip or when you just want a natural pink nail. It is basically a clear dip with a pink tint. This is one of the colors that when searching for pictures of this online, it was difficult to gauge what this actually looked like because no-ones result looked the same. Some people had a more opaque coverage and some looked like mine above. I generally like the color of tint, and it does make your nails strong and elevated if you like a natural look.. but I plan to try this over a white layer next time so there is an opaque coverage on my nail.


Agave is a periwinkle blue that can look more blue or purple depending on the light. This color is perfect for spring and summer! It adds an extra pop of color to my wardrobe.. since that basically consists of black white and grey. Agave has very easy coverage and I recommend 2 layers over a 3/4 layer of clear dip powder to keep the color consistent.


Emily is a beautiful, soft white. I am loving this color for this transition time period into spring. This is definitely my new go-to nail color. I suggest using 2 coats of Emily over a 3/4 layer of clear dip powder.


Barbara is your basic black, not going to lie this is a messy color.. but who doesn’t love a good basic black manicure that doesn’t chip! I suggest 2 coats of Barbara over a 3/4 layer of clear dip powder.